How to join n6?

Who can obtain access to n6?

The system is available only for network owners, administrators and operators. Each entity must have its own autonomous system (AS) or IP subnet.

IMPORTANT! Your application must explicitly indicate that applicant is the network owner. ONLY applications sent from e-mail address registered in RIPE database or at least coming from the same domain as contact address in RIPE – will be accepted.

How to obtain access?

In order to obtain access to information regarding threat detected in the network applicant has to send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected] with the subject: „n6 Application”.

The e-mail should be sent from an official e-mail account and it should contain the following information:
  • name of the entity
  • job title / position
  • list of autonomous systems and/or networks (CIDR notation, /29 or bigger) under administration(
  • (optionally) domain names
  • e-mail address for notifications

The remaining instructions will be sent in response, after the request is validated. CERT Polska reserves the right to reject the application at its discretion

Access to n6 is provided free of charge and does not require installation of any software or appliance.

Terms and conditions

  1. The n6 platform provides network administrators with information about security events and incidents in their networks. The information is provided free of charge, to make Internet a safer and more secure place.
  2. Data in n6 come from various external sources as well as own monitoring systems.
  3. Data is shared with the permission of respective parties who detected the events. The sources are not disclosed unless we are authorised to do so.
  4. NASK and CERT Polska are not responsible for the quality of data. Data is distributed as-is and may contain false alerts. We do not recommend taking direct actions based on the data, without further verification.
  5. Further distribution of data is prohibited except to affected users or customers.
  6. Data from n6 may and should be used for identification and eradication of threats in the client's networks or for statistical and informational purposes. Commercial use is prohibited.




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